Electric Preacher (Aug, 1949)

Wow, that’s pretty cool. I wonder why don’t they do that in the mega-chruches. Can’t you just imagine Jerry Fallwell shooting lightning from his finger tips? He’d look like a pudgy version of the Emporer from Star Wars… Oh. Mabe that’s why they don’t.

Fingertip Sermon is given by George E. Speake at a Christian Endeavor convention. One million volts arch from his body through electrodes on his fingertips. Sparks really fly when he’s on the pulpit!

  1. Anonymous says: August 10, 20064:32 pm
  2. KP says: August 28, 20086:06 pm

    The Emperor in Star Wars in his youth

  3. ganmerlad says: March 21, 20099:46 am

    And then he was crushed by the giant tesla coil suspended above his head when God got angry at his shenanigans.

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