A magic dining table that brings in food, passes it to guests, and after the meal removes the dirty dishes, has been invented by Victor Marmonier, an engineer of Lyon, France. When the meal begins, Marmonier presses a button. A partition in the kitchen wall rises, the center part of the table, which runs along a track, appears laden with food, and the partition closes behind it. Before each guest, the moving centerpiece stops and a rotating arm passes food to two persons at a time, on opposite sides of the table. At the end of the meal, the used dishes are placed on the movable centerpiece and run out through the partition into the kitchen. For years, Marmonier has made a hobby of producing labor-saving devices for his home until now he has an electrically operated machine for virtually every operation necessary in housekeeping.

  1. Ray B. says: February 22, 20086:19 am

    Those frenchmen… What do they think of, except eating and getting laid !

  2. Jim Dunn says: February 22, 20087:23 am

    Well, how about that. I always thought I was an American, but it turns out I’m French!

    And WICKED COOL site redesign, C&S. Excellent stuff.

  3. Myles says: February 22, 20087:37 am

    I’m guessing this device (a variation of a dumb waiter) is only useable if you have servants. What would be the point of putting the food on the table in the kitchen, and then running to the dinning room to have it appear? If you have servants anyways, isn’t it better to be served one course at a time and have the servants clean up the dirty dishes?

  4. Thundercat says: February 22, 20087:39 am

    I actually have one of these… its called a wife.

    /ba dum dum

  5. Bob says: February 22, 20088:48 am

    I think Mae West was supposed to have said ” a man is either hungry or horny, if he doesn’t have an erection, make him a sandwich”

  6. Stannous says: February 22, 200811:01 am

    I hope for your sake she doesn’t visit this site or you may be wearing the next course.

  7. Richard says: February 22, 200811:04 am

    Am I the only one who thinks that device looks unsettlingly like a Crematorium with a table set around the conveyor?

  8. Eric Smith says: February 24, 20088:15 am

    This looks like something straight out of Buster Keaton’s “The Electric House” (1922). But of course all of his inventions were intended to be ridiculous.

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