Electrical Air Cleaning (Feb, 1938)

This device was also highlighted in Modern Mechanix (Ionic Breeze ’38)

Electrical Air Cleaning

Air almost 100 percent free from dirt particles and other substances is obtained when it is passed through a new electrostatic air filter. The device charges the particles which then cling to magnetic plates through which the air is passed. The result is absolutely or relatively absolutely pure air and a new method of relief for those suffering with ailments that are aggravated by foreign matter of any kind in the air. The operation of the device is so perfect that in operation it will even remove smoke from the air. Its effectiveness is shown in the illustration of the demonstration model.

  1. tony says: September 7, 20078:58 am

    relatively absolutely?

    Wow! And I thought degradation of the language was a modern media invention!

  2. Charlie says: September 7, 20079:08 am

    Yes it’s also very unique and it cleans up to or over 90% of the particles from the air!

  3. Jan Bout says: April 13, 200811:44 am

    This invention was used by the Germans to conceal an enormous electricityplant to power the rocket development centre of Peenemünde in 1942. The powerplant was big enough to serve a large city as Berlin. Above all was the plant totally remote controlled in case of eventually being bombed.

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