Electricity Runs New Player Pipe Organ for Home (Oct, 1931)

“Compact” is not the first word that comes to mind when I look at this picture, but I guess compared to most other pipe organs…

Electricity Runs New Player Pipe Organ for Home

Designed on the principle of the player piano, a compact new pipe organ for home and school plays music automatically from a flexible roll. Because of its unique feature, the “reproducing organ” will bring into the home an entire symphony, which, if played by hand, would require the services of a whole group of artists. All of their movements may be recorded upon a single roll. The organ is expected to be of especial value in schools. Pupils of music appreciation classes are enabled to hear the compositions of masters played by famous musicians and recorded for the purpose. Electric mechanism works the instrument.

  1. nlpnt says: February 17, 20088:15 am

    I remember the truly compact (but cheesy plastic) electric organs from the ’70s- my grandmother had one.
    IIRC they were semi-electronic, basically the last step in evolution before synthesizer keyboards.

  2. cks2008 says: February 19, 20084:11 pm

    There were some that were totally air powered, which used a blower to supply sir pressure.

    I don’t think there were part electronic ones, they were either all electronic or all “mechanical”

  3. Zanesfriend says: January 4, 20137:36 pm

    This looks like an Estey “Grand Minuette” with a roll reader.

  4. Zanesfriend says: February 14, 20135:35 pm

    It is a Grand Minuette. The Estey museum sent me a copy of the company’s brochure for the Minuette, and it did list two roll-player options. The Minuette was a small pipe organ crammed into a case resembling a rather large piano. They did this primarily by either ‘mitering’ the longest pipes (putting in bends rather like on a tenor or baritone saxophone) or by ‘Haskelling’, a process by which a small-bore pipe was placed inside a wide-bore one, which produced a pitch an octave lower than would normally come out of a pipe of that length.

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