Electronics Wizard (Jun, 1953)

Electronics Wizard

By Eric Northrup

EMIK AVAKIAN sits in his wheel chair surrounded by electronic miracles. He is a victim of cerebral palsy which has handicapped his body but not effected his brilliant mind. His condition inspired his inventing career. He says, “A man’s body is a vast intercom system serviced by a central transmitter, the brain. Palsy victims such as I suffer a breakdown of communications.” This realization led him to develop communication aids which, according to United Cerebral Palsy, may be a boon to other disabled persons. Some are shown here.

In his studio workshop in Crestwood, N. Y. with cathode tubes, transistors, switches, cables, etc., Avakian is continuing to employ the strength of modern science in new mechanical equipment which will aid his fellow victims to compensate for their weakness caused by the dread disease. One is an Electrode Headgear which will control machines by brain waves.

  1. Charlene says: December 5, 20094:49 am

    Emik Avakian is still with us, and according to Eureka College is one of the reasons you should donate to that fine institution.

    http://www.eureka.edu/g… (sidebar)

  2. Sally Wilhoit Rose says: December 27, 20099:00 pm

    Emik!!!!!! Don’t know if you remember me. I worked at NY State Rehabilitation Hospital in the CP Unit while you were there. I’ve thought of you often, but never followed through with trying to contact you. Strangely, a couple of nights ago you came again to mind; so I Googled you…..and found you! I’m so happy to read of your success, but I’m not really surprised. I remember that while I was working at NYSRH, representatives of IBM (I think!) came to interview you about some invention of yours. What a story you have to tell! Are you writing a book about your life?????????????
    Sally Wilhoit Rose, Registered Physical Therapist

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