An odd-looking cycle that seemed to have some of the qualities of a railway train was seen on the roads near Upper Norwood, England, the other day. Its twelve riders pedaled along, seated in flexibly connected units of the “multicycle.” This centipede among vehicles is twenty-eight feet long, but its flexible connections enable it to turn corners easily. It was built for use by students at the Royal Normal College for the Blind. An attendant with normal vision steers it.

  1. cATFLAP says: April 10, 20085:08 am

    I bet there`s a race for the rear seats, Who’s gonna know your not peddling eh. 😉

  2. YTrozS says: April 10, 200812:49 pm

    Hmmm. I doubt they’d need to race for the rear seats. These guys, except for the “attendant” are all blind, right? I could be the attendant myself and just sit there and steer, if I was a totally cruel bastard, because, really, who’s gonna call me out?

  3. Red says: April 10, 20083:04 pm

    I wonder how she handles corners!

  4. jayessell says: April 10, 20083:45 pm

    What star is that? (Second story)

  5. Thundercat says: April 10, 20087:48 pm

    wouldn’t stationary bikes be easier? I mean come on, would they be able to tell the difference?

  6. Blurgle says: April 10, 20088:14 pm

    Jay, I think it might be Wolf 359.

    Good luck searching *that*.

  7. jayessell says: April 11, 20088:47 am

    Blurgle: I did have good luck.
    It’s a dim flare star, and it has BOTH Star Trek an Outer Limits references.

  8. Adrian says: April 7, 20172:11 pm

    I think my father may be the last man on the “Twelve-in-hand” which is how he referred to it. He was a student at the RNC and tthen a teacher in the ’30’s. If anyone reading this has any further info or knows where I could get a higher resolution version, I would be delighted.

  9. John says: April 15, 20175:48 am

    Since you asked for a high res version of the photo I thought that you would appreciate going to the source


    You can zoom in and also download it here.

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