Envy the savage? Yes! (Dec, 1937)

Envy the savage? Yes!

This ancient savage had to work hard to get a fire — and his cookery wasn’t expert. But his rough, primitive fare exercised his teeth — kept them strong and healthy. We moderns eat soft, civilized foods — our teeth get too little healthful exercise.

DENTYNE HELPS KEEP TEETH SOUNDER, WHITER. You find yourself chewing more vigorously because of Dentyne’s specially firm consistency. Mouth and teeth get wholesome exercise, salivary glands are stimulated, promoting natural self-cleansing. Dentyne’s a proved aid to stronger whiter teeth!

THE FLAVORS A JOY! Spicy, smooth-tasting, delicious! You’ll welcome Dentyne for its flavor alone—and you’ll find the Dentyne package specially convenient to carry in pocket or purse (its smartly flat shape is an exclusive Dentyne feature.)



  1. fred says: May 26, 20091:59 am

    Wow so they’s nasty savages that couldnt cook but they had strong gleaming teeth… this add is offensive

  2. Westerner says: May 26, 20094:15 am

    Luckily savages don’t have internet connections, no harm done.

  3. garym says: May 26, 200912:53 pm

    Dentyne ran a large number of anti-Internet ads on the Boston subways not long ago. There must be a persistent back-to-nature streak in that company.

  4. Toronto says: May 26, 20095:06 pm

    Savages don’t have internet connections? You obviously haven’t been hanging out in the same forums as I have.

  5. Eli says: May 26, 20097:24 pm

    Nothing like Hollywood stereotypes to fill their ad copy… The fact is, Native Americans who lived in the parts of the country where grains formed a staple in their diet used stone grinding wheels which left enough grit in the grain that their teeth were usually worn down close to the gum line by the time they were in their mid-30s.

  6. Jerry says: May 29, 20096:23 pm

    The savage in the ad looks a lot like Fred MacMurray or Jack Webb.

  7. rutmang says: June 1, 20095:09 pm

    We thought it looked more like Robert Reed (looking for Bobby and Cindy in the Grand Canyon).

  8. Fedup says: June 6, 20094:22 pm

    Goddamnit fred, the shortened form of advertisement is ad, not add.
    Unless your complaining about addition, stop it.

  9. Firebrand38 says: June 6, 20097:28 pm

    Goddamnit Fedup, the shortened form of you are is you’re, not your.

    Unless you want to call him Your Majesty or your mistake, stop it.

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