Ever Had Your Colon “House Cleaned?” (Nov, 1934)

Once, by my Roomba, but we both promised never to speak of it again.

Ever Had Your Colon “House Cleaned?”

Large Per Cent, of All Ills and Ailments Have Their Source in the Neglected “Cellar” of the Human Body

IT’S only natural to neglect the cellar of the house, the part you don’t see. Yet, as a matter of fact it’s more important to keep the cellar clean and airy than any other part of the house.

The colon, or large intestine, may be called the cellar of the human body. It’s there the rubbish or waste matter from digested food collects for passage out of the body—only the body waste is no mere rubbish, but highly toxic or poisonous waste.

This waste can’t stay in the body too long. When it does, self-poisoning literally sets in.

When the colon is normal it acts vigorously through muscular contraction in moving the accumulated waste matter along its way and out of the body. When the colon becomes “inert” or semi-paralyzed, the poisonous waste collects in the colon, and cakes itself to the walls of the colon and in the folds and crevices, like so much concrete.

The muscles of the colon then become “cemented” and can only feebly move. More and more waste collects and hardens and soon there is left only a small passageway for the waste.

The retention of the waste matter then that follows plays havoc with human health!

The poisons of the waste—the toxins of decay, fermentation and putrefaction—are absorbed by the blood. They are carried to all parts of the body. They affect your brain and nervous system and make you mentally depressed and melancholic. They affect your heart and make you weak and listless. They affect your lungs and make your breath foul. They affect your digestive organs and make you bloated, “belchy” and distressed with gas. They affect your muscles and joints and make you lame and sore. They undermine your whole health, in truth, make you old long before your time and cut years from your life.

Many Are Victims!

A half-dead colon is what ails many people today. Our modern mode of living is at fault. It is all out of accord with Nature. We eat too much prepared and bland foods. We don’t get enough bulk or roughage to get the right response from the colon. We don’t get enough vigorous exercise. The result is the colon “lays down on us” and we are half invalids.

Virtually every one suffers in some degree from a clogged colon, and for this reason nearly every one can stand an occasional thorough “house-cleaning” of the colon.

Laxatives are often futile. They frequently aggravate the situation.

An enema is only partly efficient, for the colon is shaped thusly—^—and an enema reaches only to the first bend.

A True “Internal Bath”

The only effective means of thoroughly cleaning out the colon is to get a fluid up there, throughout the whole length of the colon, that will loosen the accumulations from the walls and folds of the colon, break them up and flush them out, leaving the colon clean and wholesome and the muscles free to resume their normal functioning.

In other words, an internal bath.

This is exactly what you get in the use of the J. B. L. Cascade, that marvelous invention of the eminent Dr. Charles A. Tyrrell, who perfected it to save his own life.

This appliance holds and injects into the colon a flood of pure, warm water, especially treated with a wonderful cleansing tonic.

The fluid fills the entire length of the colon and reaches into every tiny fold and crevice. The action of the especially treated warm water loosens all accumulations from the colon walls and folds and induces a natural muscular action of the colon that drives all the waste out.

There is complete cleansing of the colon without pain or discomfort.

Glorious Relief

The feeling following a J. B. L. Cascade treatment is one of grateful relief. You just know something beneficial for your health has been done!

Taken just before retiring, an “internal bath” with the J. B. L. Cascade sends you to bed with that delightfully relieved feeling that insures a night of sound, restful slumber. And in the morning! You feel like a new person with a new appetite for break- fast and a new zest for life! You fairly radiate “pep” and energy!

If you want to see how this treatment can take years off your shoulders, just try one “internal bath.”

Send for This Booklet

Every one with a colon should read this amazing booklet issued by Tyrrell’s Hygienic Institute. Every chapter is not pleasant reading, but it’s a lesson for every one. “If every person in the world could read this book,” says one man, “the average of human life would be increased by many years.”

This eye-opening booklet is sent free and postpaid upon request. No cost or obligation whatsoever. Simply ask for it in a letter or on a postcard or on the coupon below and address the Tyrrell’s Hygienic Institute, Dept 1114, 152 West 65th Street, New York City.

TYRRELL’S HYGIENIC INSTITUTE, 152 West 65th Street, Dept. 1114, New York, N. Y.

Send me, without cost or obligation, your illustrated booklet on intestinal ills and the proper use of the famous Internal Bath—”Why We Should Bathe Internally.”

  1. Blurgle says: May 26, 20072:19 am

    The more things change…

    A few years back there was a chain e-mail going around that said that after John Wayne died, an autopsy showed that he had 70 lb. of feces impacted in his colon, and that was why he had died. (The e-mail was traced back to a company that sold some kind of “internal bath”.)

    To this day people believe it despite the fact that a) John Wayne died of cancer, b) John Wayne probably didn’t weigh 70 pounds total when he died, and c) John Wayne didn’t have an autopsy, but was buried six hours after he died.

    People will believe anything as long as it has absolutely no scientific basis whatsoever.

  2. Caya says: May 26, 20075:16 am

    Isn’t that the truth. I used to try to get some of my gullible friends to read www.quackwatch.org , but they preferred to believe whatever scam was going on at the moment!!

  3. Stannous says: May 26, 20078:36 am

    I love Quackwatch!

    your comment made me laugh out loud! Great way to start the day, thanks.

  4. J. Bennett says: May 28, 20073:22 pm

    I especially like this part: “They affect your brain and nervous system and make you mentally depressed and melancholic.”

    The notion that retention of “black bile” causes melancholia was a staple of ancient and medieval medicine. It’s interesting to see this idea still in circulation in 1934.

  5. Village Idiot says: May 30, 20076:11 am

    Quote: ” Our modern mode of living is at fault. It is all out of accord with Nature. We eat too much prepared and bland foods. We don’t get enough bulk or roughage to get the right response from the colon. We don’t get enough vigorous exercise.”

    Wow, imagine how our colons must look nowadays! However, my own colon is often extremely “airy,” like an empty cellar with a foghorn in it.

  6. docca says: December 24, 20071:39 pm

    JBL Cascade? Sounds like an over-priced speaker set with an unusually long bass tube…

  7. Dan Golay says: February 12, 200812:12 pm

    At 24 I rejuvenated to age 8, I drank only a qt of OJ and did a gallon enema daily for a month and passed much waste daily and experienced dramatic healing. I know it works personally, but it’s not easy to clean the walls – particularly past 30 as the buildup thickens.

    Tyrrell and the colon cleansers are right but few are able to clean or keep clean to testify. Their problem descriptions are correct but their herbs & methods I’ve found ineffective. I’m still trying to get back to my good cleanse but the liner is very resistant to shedding because the peristaltic action grows weaker w/ age.
    I had it once but I didn’t know what I had and threw it away.

    It does work and is the most fantastic thing I’ve ever experienced in my life and I’ve been obsessed w/ it since.

  8. Firebrand38 says: February 12, 20081:52 pm

    Here is a website for you!


    Rejuvenated to 8 years old? Maybe your mental age!

    Here, since you are 8 years old again get a grownup to help you with the big words


  9. Joseph says: June 12, 20086:21 pm

    There was an episode of Penn & Tellers BS which debunked the scam of colon cleansing – let’s face it – there’s nothing in nature which sprays water up one’s butt.
    It’s natural for fecal matter to pass through the lower intestine, and the vast majority of the time, all of it does come out in the end – the only thing most people in the Western world need to do is eat more fiber & drink a bit more water.

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