Every Coo-Cool $1.75 for You! (Jan, 1932)

Every Coo-Cool $1.75 for You!

A “knock-out” instant selling hit! The Coo-Coo Auto Horn (Patented) sells itself at $4. Costs you $2.25. Going like wildfire in Hollywood and Los Angeles. One dealer sold 3,000 in short time. Some agents making as high as $25 an hour. One horn sells 5 others. No house to house selling—just stand around garages and service stations — coo-coo and clean up. Installed by anyone in 3 minutes. Not an exhaust or motor horn. Certain in action—never fails to create a musical note that cleverly sings “Hello.”

Send $2.25 for sample horn or write for further information
1515 N. Wilcox Dept. 55 Hollywood, Calif.

  1. Stannous says: August 24, 200611:28 am

    1515 North Wilcox, Hollywood is now the home of Rap audio production company Ebonipearle.

  2. […] never spotted in my junkyard adventures certain accessories, like the left-foot accelerator, the Coo-Coo horn or the center armrest, I’m sure at least a few examples still […]

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