Everybody has a Sweet Tooth! (Jan, 1949)

According to Wolfram Alpha U.S. sugar consumption is currently about 152.8 lbs a year.

Everybody has a Sweet Tooth!

AND a GOOD THING it is, too. For sugar is an energy food, essential in every good daily diet. Normally, we Americans consume from fourteen to fifteen billion pound- of sugar yearly—about a hundred pounds per person—a fact that helps to make US an energetic and healthy people.

Heretofore, most sugar was produced and sold in crystalline form. This is the most convenient form for household use, but large industrial users, such as soft drink hot tiers, ice cream manufacturers, confectioners, canners, bakers and others must use it in liquid form. And the job of converting large quantities of crystalline sugar back into a liquid has always been expensive and troublesome.

Now, however, a new refining technique developed by American Cyanamid Company promises to make clean, ready-to-use liquid sugar available to all who need it. This new process, based on the use of Cyanamid’s IONAC* Ion Exchange Resins, enable- small refineries and large users to produce liquid sugar economically, for the first time in history. Already small plants of this type have been set up in the Midwest, and more are under construction. Eventually the U. S. may have a whole network of these local liquid sugar plants! Here is one of the most important advances in hundreds of years of sugar refining —a development that will help to cut the cost and improve the production of many products containing sugar.

Here is another Cyanamid development that is contributing to “molding the future through chemistry.”

American Cyanamid company 30 ROCKEFELLER PLAZA, NEW YORK 20, N. Y.


  1. Charlene says: April 15, 201010:38 am

    Wolfram Alpha is wondrous.

    Americans consume 25% more sugar per capita than Canadians, 290% more soybean oil (but some of that must be industrial use, right?), 15% more pork, 25% more beef, and (tea parties aside) 6% more tea.

    Canadians apparently consume 49,000% more cream than Americans (glitch in the data?), 30% more bananas, 45% more potatoes, and 50% more corn.

    Why any of this is so, I cannot figure out.

  2. Toronto says: April 15, 201011:43 am

    American Cyanide Company? Whoops – better re-read that.

    And I bet that corn statistic doesn’t include that used for HFCS, which I understand is even more common an ingredient in the USA than in Canada (partially because of cheap Cuban cane sugar.)

  3. Stephen Edwards says: April 15, 201012:02 pm

    I wonder at what point sugar crossed from being “essential in every good daily diet” to being the potential target of a junk-food tax. And at what point essential things such as Vitamin C will also cross over (I had a hard time thinking of a food that’s indisputably good for you).

  4. Jari says: April 15, 20101:58 pm

    Did you notice the comparisons, that Alpha offered? 🙂

  5. Charlene says: April 15, 20109:14 pm

    Getting back to the ad, did anyone notice that it’s been manipulated? Those eyelashes are drawn on, and I think the lipstick (on a seven-year-old?) is too.

    She also seems to be terrified, possibly at the idea of liquid sugar. Can’t blame her.

  6. Stephen Edwards says: April 16, 20106:26 am

    Charlene, have you ever seen a photo in an ad that hasn’t been manipulated?

  7. Myles says: April 16, 201012:02 pm

    It is cool that the Google ad display for this food that is “essential in every good daily diet” is for weight loss.

  8. sporkinum says: April 16, 20109:42 pm

    Its funny if you compare the Canola oil consumption. Puts the Soy oil disparity in perspective.
    Canada | 32.62 lb/(person yr) (pounds per person year) (2005 estimate) (world rank: 1st)
    United States | 3.774 lb/(person yr) (pounds per person year) (2005 estimate) (world rank: 23rd)

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