Eye-Stoppers (Apr, 1956)


WEIGHTED LADS are British soccer players strengthening neck and back muscles, testing Russian, Continental teams’ technique.

CHROME-PLATED fireplug cost La Jolla, Calif., Dr. Edward Courtney $222.50 to pretty up.

LIGHTNING-STRUCK Civil War gun delights kids in Springfield Armory Museum, Mass.

PENNY FARTHING bike fitted with motor is part of 85-year-old Rowland Winn’s museum of ancient cars and bikes, Leeds, England.

THOUSAND-LB. stuffed bear at Yale’s Peabody Museum was gift of toymaker A. C. Gilbert.

  1. jayessell says: December 19, 20125:33 am

    I thought those were called ‘Velocipedes’.
    The icon of The VILLAGE from the TV series The Prisoner.

    Years ago that in-the-wheel engine, that converts bicycles into mopeds,
    was supposed to the next big investment.

  2. Stephen says: December 19, 20126:02 am

    The first ever motorbike was in fact a penny-farthing with a steam engine bolted to the front wheel.

  3. Hirudinea says: December 19, 201210:47 am

    @ jayessell – Velocipede is a generic term for just about any old timey bike, penny farthing is specific to this type of bike, take a look at the wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org… , you’ll see a picture of a old penny and farthing to see where it got the name.

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