Farmer’s Car Pulls Plow over an Acre in Three Hours (Aug, 1939)

Farmer’s Car Pulls Plow over an Acre in Three Hours
Instead of hitching up a horse or tractor, one farmer harnesses his automobile to the plow. One man drives the sedan, keeping the car wheels on one side in the previous cut of the plow; his partner handles the plow. In that way they turn an acre of ground in less than three hours. The plow is attached to the rear bumper with a chain at the side toward the furrow being turned.

  1. Mike says: August 1, 20084:50 am

    If only they had some sort of “tractor” device they wouldn’t have to use the car.

  2. slim says: August 1, 200811:38 am

    Sometimes you have to make do with what you’ve got.

  3. Tracy B. says: August 1, 200812:32 pm

    My granddad used horses

  4. Eamon says: August 1, 20085:54 pm

    If your going to go through the trouble of using a car, why not use a plow with more than one furrow?

  5. Bob says: August 2, 200812:15 pm

    Bet he can do a lot more than when he had Ma hooked up to that plow.

  6. Charlene says: August 2, 20084:31 pm

    If only they had something called “money” to afford a tractor.

    Oh, I forgot: everyone’s rich.

  7. rsterling78 says: August 2, 20089:30 pm

    Was this really newsworthy in 1939? The Model T had come out 31 years prior to this. Using a car in place of a horse on a farm in 1939 is not exactly original or innovative.

  8. Baron Waste says: August 4, 20084:55 am

    Well, they’d already used the “starlet with swimsuit made of emergency bandages” pix in the last issue, and a deadline’s a deadline, y’ know…

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