Fat Herman’s Chariot (Nov, 1954)

Fat Herman’s Chariot

WHEN Corporal Richard Dutot of New Hyde Park. L. I., was stationed in Germany, he was bitten by the car bug after riding in a German friend’s Mercedes-Benz—one of four cars that was made especially for former Nazi Air Marshal, Herman Goering.

Disappointed because he could not afford to buy it—the price was too high—Dutot was elated a short while later to learn that another of Herman’s Mercedes was for sale. Dutot bought the sleek auto which Goering had used as a parade car and for touring the German countryside and brought it home.

The ex-Corporal’s Mercedes, which was originally valued at over $10,000 has some interesting features which include a four-speed transmission with overdrive in each gear, giving it eight forward speeds and two in reverse. It is also equipped with a special police horn and a regular and short wave radio with a unique earphone attachment.

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