FINGERPRINTing Kit: Imagine the fun… (Jan, 1934)

“FINGERPRINTing” is a pretty weird way to capitalize a word. The only thing I can think of is that they were trying to copyright “FINGERPRINT” one word, no space, all caps…

Imagine the fun…

For Children
For Grown-Ups
For Professional Use
For Business Efficiency

…keeping baby’s record…or the family’s record…comparing friends’ fingerprints… amusing visitors…with this scientific set!

The latest fad! Keeping a permanent record of FINGERPRINTS! Made doubly delightful by real, detective-like, elaborate set that gives you all the facilities of Scotland Yard! As a family or club game, FINGERPRINTing now rivals bridge for excitement and popularity; but you must be PROPERLY EQUIPPED! With this wonderful set you can build a big, fascinating collection of human fingerprints, no two alike in ten million! At home, at the office, what fun you will have!

There’s a more serious side to FINGERPRINTing, too. In business, a record can be kept of every employee, for future reference. In crime detection, even unprofessional records of human fingerprints have frequently led to the most startling and romantic solutions and indictments. Doctors and other professionals also find interesting ways of fitting this so-called “entertainment” into their actual vocations. The pleasure, the romance, the scientific lure of FINGER-PRINTER is irresistible. Order your set without delay! THRILLS AHEAD!

What the FINGERPRINTER set contains
Tube of Fingerprint Ink
Polished Impression Glass
Camel Hair Brush
Bottle Black Fingerprint Powder
Bottle White Fingerprint Powder
Ridge Counter Magnifying Glass
Ink Roller
Fingerprint Record Sheets

Sixteen-page illustrated descriptive booklet . . . tells you how professionals record fingerprints.

The FINGERPRINTER is the only set of its kind on the market. Copyrighted… a real fascinating game… plenty of fun and excitement for all!

Send check, money order or currency with your order
245 Greenwich Street, New York, N. Y.

Enclosed find payment of $1.50, for which please RUSH to address below, 1 FINGERPRINT set. (If price of more than one set is enclosed, state how many.)

HURRY Get your name and address on the coupon and send it to us today! Every set guaranteed.

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  1. Hirudinea says: May 5, 20114:50 pm

    Fingerprint your friends, family and employees, sell the prints to the FBI for profit! Prefect for the kids who want to join Homeland Security!

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