Fire Box Foils False Alarms (Oct, 1937)

Obviously any prankster would be utterly dissuaded by an ear-shattering siren.

Fire Box Foils False Alarms

A NEW type of fire alarm box, equipped with an ear-shattering siren that sets up a wail audible for blocks (much to the discomfiture of anyone using it unlawfully) made its debut recently at the Fire Chiefs’ annual convention in Washington.

The photo shows Sergeant Clarence Quick pointing to the siren.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: February 25, 20138:18 am

    “…much to the discomfiture of anyone using it unlawfully…”

    And how does it know not to wail if someone is using it lawfully?

  2. DrewE says: February 25, 20139:27 am

    @Rick — It presumably does not differentiate between lawful and unlawful use; rather, the lawful users are just not discomfited by the siren when they experience its ear-shattering discomfort. They don’t mind that other people’s attention is drawn to their pulling of the fire alarm when there is genuine fire danger.

  3. Gazzie says: February 25, 20139:36 am

    In the fifties,the street side fire boxes of Baltimore, Md didn’t have an alarm. They had purple dye on the handle. It was a simple vegetable based oil that spread onto your whole hand when you tried to wash it off.

    How do I know this? Let’s just say that I knew a young friend who kept his left hand in his pocket for a couple days.

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