First All-Glass Building Soon to Rise in City of New York (Jun, 1930)

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright no less.

First All-Glass Building Soon to Rise in City of New York

FROM designing the Imperial Hotel in Tokio, Japan—the only structure of any importance that stood up under the earthquake a few years back—to building the first all-glass house in the heart of New York City is a pretty long step. But it is being taken by Frank Lloyd Wright, world-famed architect, who proposes to erect a building along the lines of that shown in the illustration, at Second Avenue and 11th Street. It is the first of several that Mr. Wright plans to build within the next few years.

One of the unusual features of this building is that no structural steel will be used anywhere in the glass house. In detailing his idea, Mr. Wright pointed out that he plans to build this all-glass tower to a height of 18 stories and set a two-story penthouse on top of it for his own personal use. The walls of the building will be made of clear, heavy plate glass and the floors will be of concrete inlaid with a rubber composition to deaden noises. For decorative purposes, balconies and parapets, Mr. Wright proposes to use copper.

  1. sporkinum says: April 7, 20086:45 am

    Looked on Google earth street view. Looks like it was never built.…,,0,-13.138562890641694

  2. Jeffk says: April 7, 20088:49 pm

    Structurally, it was probably better described as a concrete skyscraper, which are now common.

    CITIC Plaza is the tallest reinforced concrete tower at 391 m.

    311 South Wacker Drive is the tallest in the US. A friend who worked nearby claimed they poured a floor a day while he watched from his office window.

    The don’t have structural steel girders and beams, but reinforced concrete includes a mesh of steel to hold it together.

    Here’s a current concrete project, Aqua in Chicago.

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