First Issue of Modern Mechanix (Nov, 1928)

The Age of Mechanical Marvels

ICE age, stone age, steel age, and now— The Age of Mechanical Miracles!

And we are living in the midst of it! Within a bare score of years airplanes have developed from frail-powered kites to tremendous craft that span oceans in one jump. Radio has disclosed its miracles in millions of homes, and is reaching out toward the wonders of television.

Minds must be agile to keep pace with this marvelous age. Imagination must be whetted to a fine edge to grasp it all. Even now we can glimpse new wonders that are emerging from the wizard minds of the workers in mechanics—luxurious flying hotels housed in gigantic dirigibles crossing the world’s air lanes—motion pictures in colors that reproduce every human sound—rockets that will fly to other planets—engines developing unheard of speeds—radios and telephones that pluck moving-pictures out of the ether.

We must keep pace with the age.

To overlook the wonders about us is to walk blindfolded through the majestic grandeur of a Grand Canyon.

Yet it is manifestly impossible to understand, appreciate, and enjoy these marvels unaided. Thousands of brilliant minds are working out problems, inventions, discoveries all unintelligible to the mind that is trained along other lines.

We need interpreters to explain the swift changes about us. We want to know the why of things without spending a lifetime in delving at intricate sciences.

That is why Modern Mechanics Magazine has been published. It is your interpreter—your teacher, in the task of keeping abreast of the age you are living in.

A board of experts in a dozen great branches of mechanics are the editors. Each a specialist, he translates the language of his profession into universal speech. Your information must be authentic. Only experts can give ungarbled facts.

Fiction of high calibre will entertain you—and stimulate the imagination, opening your mind to new ideas, preparing it for the task of grasping truths more unbelievable than fiction itself.

So we bring you MODERN MECHANICS. We have striven earnestly to prepare a magazine for men and women, boys and girls, that will be valued as a mentor, enjoyed as a playmate, and consulted as a guide along the new trails that are being blazed in human progress.

The Editors

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  1. nlpnt says: March 27, 20081:12 pm

    The first couple paragraphs remind me of “Doc” from “Back to the Future” for some reason.

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