First Signing by television of a legally binding contract (Apr, 1947)

First Signing by television of a legally binding contract was consummated above when executives of the Dumont Television Laboratories in New York and officials of the Chevrolet Motor Company, two hundred miles away in Washington, D. C, put their John Henry’s on the dotted line while watching each other in the television screen. This picture was snapped at the New York end. The screen shows what was going on in Washington.

  1. Torgo says: January 8, 200911:19 pm

    Tonight, on the All-Contract Channel…

  2. Al Bear says: January 9, 200910:50 am

    Look at that monster sized cabinet with a 8″ screen! 😛

  3. Rick says: January 9, 20092:49 pm

    Don’t laugh Al. The first one we got when I was a kid was at about the same time and it had a cabinet of about the same size but with a 10 inch round screen. Also I note that the cabinet seems to have that so-called “blonde” finish which was all the rage in furniture right after the war when materials became available for consumer use again.


  4. Charlie says: January 9, 20093:04 pm

    Rick: I much prefer Finnish blonds.

  5. Sean says: January 9, 20094:07 pm

    Wait. Their ‘John Henry’s’? You mean they drove a railroad spike through it? Somewhere, Hancock is shaking his head in a sad way.

  6. Scott says: January 9, 200911:19 pm

    Yeah, Sean, not only is Hancock puzzled, but the rest of us are wondering “John Henry’s what?”

  7. Mike says: January 10, 20095:44 pm

    Soon after this they realized they could use live streaming video for porn and “Dumont Television Laboratories” became “Domount Television Laboratories.”

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