A 200 mph. “flying post-office” using the Fairchild Packet cargo plane, is in the offing, according to a recent announcement by Post Office Department and Air Transport Association officials.

The plane will be equipped with unique facilities for storing and sorting mail in flight which, coupled with the plane’s great capacity, long range and ease of loading will give far faster airmail service between major American cities than is now possible.

The plane is capable of carrying up to seven tons of airmail in its squared fuselage.

  1. Hirudinea says: April 23, 20121:39 pm

    Well if you ever need a stamp 30,000′ over the Atlantic here you go.

  2. Toronto says: April 23, 20122:56 pm

    Sorting on a moving train makes some sense, as you can drop mail off along the way. Sorting in the air? What are they going to do, drop mailmen via parachute as they pass over Omaha or something?

    Plus, there’s the weight of the sorting equipment, even if it’s only tables and pigeonhole racks, and the people. Not cost effective sounding to me. And all those Suzy B. coins for the stamp machines… (do they still use those?)

  3. Mick Canick says: April 23, 20123:00 pm

    Toronto “Not cost effective sounding to me…”
    The post office eventually worked out that cost effective problem. I think the Suzy Bs are still in use.

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