Fold-up Spare Tire (Feb, 1957)

Fold-up Spare Tire
TAKING up a space of only about 6 x 10 x 14 inches when folded, this collapsible spare tire is just about glove-compartment size. Developer and manufacturer is The Gates Rubber Company, Dept. SM, 999 S. Broadway, Denver 17, Colo. The compact spare is quickly slipped over a wheel rim after the damaged tire has been removed, and inflated with a carbon dioxide cylinder. With a tread life of about 1000 miles, the tire can be easily deflated, removed from the wheel and refolded for future use. The Fold-Away tire will soon be available through tire dealers for approximately 75% of the cost of a standard 100 level tire; tire puller and carbon dioxide cylinder will be included in kit later.

  1. Al Bear says: May 5, 200912:27 am

    How can you remove a tire from a rim without the big hydraulic machine they use at the tire shops on the side of the road with your bare hands?

  2. Al says: May 5, 20097:50 am

    It can be done with tire irons – but I certainly would not want to be doing it in traffic.

    The trick with removing and replacing a tire is the drop rim – the depressed center section. You need to force the bead down into that dip to give it enough clearance to get over the rim edge. I’ve done it by hand – it’s an annoying task but doable by hand. There is a reason complete spare wheels and tires are more popular than just a spare tire…


  3. Toronto says: May 5, 200911:10 am

    Then there’s the butane trick.

  4. Rick Auricchio says: May 5, 20094:53 pm

    Alan, I doubt you tried this while wearing high heels.

    Interesting concept that never, um, gained traction.

  5. Torgo says: May 5, 20098:46 pm

    Who cares about the tire? Is that Eva Marie Saint?

  6. Al says: May 6, 20099:24 am

    “Alan, I doubt you tried this while wearing high heels.”

    Errrr…no. Not on a bet. I just don;t have the legs for it… 🙂

  7. RagManX says: May 6, 200912:03 pm

    I love this idea. What could possibly go wrong? 🙂

  8. fred says: May 6, 20092:06 pm

    this article makes me tired

  9. hans says: May 7, 20093:47 pm

    She can change my rubber anytime.

  10. John Savard says: May 10, 200910:14 pm

    Of course, this idea did catch on, in a way. To save energy, instead of cars having a real tire as a spare tire, they now have a much more expensive temporary spare which only lasts long enough to get the car to somewhere where a replacement tire can be obtained.

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