Folding Chair Also Serves as Pillow (May, 1932)

Folding Chair Also Serves as Pillow
TOURISTS, campers and picnickers will find the little folding seat shown on the right a mighty convenient accessory. It weighs but two pounds and measures only 9 by 12 inches when closed. It can be folded up to serve as a pillow or a chair and will support 250 lbs. Small size when folded permits it to be carried under your car seat.

  1. NefariousWheel says: December 17, 20088:38 am

    Hey, I had one of those! They were awesome. A decent comfortable – if somewhat small – little chair that you could fold up and carry on your belt if you wanted. Mine had green canvas on the top. Metal bits were springy and quite sturdy. I miss it!

  2. StanFlouride says: December 17, 20083:46 pm

    NW- but did you ever use it as a pillow?
    I assume (and hope) they are using the word ‘pillow’ as we might use the word cushion.

  3. NefariousWheel says: December 18, 20087:33 am

    Never used it as a pillow, but you could — there was a configuration that dropped the seat to about 1/3 height. Not sure it was really intended to be a pillow, bit of spindrift there. You’d wake up with a whopper of a headache if you tried it I think. Anyway, pillows? That’s what your rolled-up jacket is for 😉

  4. Jari says: December 19, 20085:28 pm

    how does it wor as a pillow? I do recall that my dad had something very similar…

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