For women with more exciting things to do than scrub floors (Sep, 1967)


For women with more exciting things to do than scrub floors:


It cleans and waxes at the same time!

New-formula One-Step combines ammonia and detergents for extra cleaning power . . . plus tough wax for a bright, long-lasting shine. Cuts your work in half, saves you time!

By the maker of Armstrong FLOORS

  1. SpaceHobo says: February 7, 20112:15 am

    I think she’s meant to be a lion tamer.

    Although being the late 60’s I’m sure the visual double-entendre was intentional.

  2. JMyint says: February 7, 20118:48 am

    The girl is wearing riding clothes; riding boots, breeches, show coat, and bowler. But the whip looks like a Stock Whip

  3. LightningRose says: February 7, 201111:49 am

    I’d bet a dollar she doesn’t own a horse or a lion.

  4. Kosher Ham says: February 7, 20112:32 pm

    Yeah, without the whip, life would be rather dull…….

  5. Wandering Pony says: February 7, 20113:48 pm

    She’s wearing full fox hunting riding dress – the whip is a hunting whip, the hook handle is for holding gates or similar, while the long lash can be used to guide the hounds or used as a lead rope for a riderless horse. Nowadays the bowler hat would not usually be seen outside of a hunter show class at a horse show. Of course, the innuendo about riding and whips etc is the whole point 😉

  6. Firebrand38 says: February 7, 20114:27 pm

    Wandering Pony: Give the man a cigar

  7. Toronto says: February 8, 201111:26 am

    “… and no tongue marks in the corners this time!”

  8. JMyint says: February 8, 201111:33 am

    Thanks for the info on the whip Wandering Pony. I couldn’t place it.

  9. Firebrand38 says: February 8, 201111:47 am

    Wandering Pony: Same here, I thought it was a coach whip (by the length) but couldn’t figure out the handle. Good work!

  10. Michael, N5RLR says: February 9, 20116:49 pm

    I find it interesting that the floor is blood-red in color.

  11. Sailor Ford says: February 11, 201112:56 pm

    My Armstrong floor is ready, are you?

  12. martha says: February 11, 201112:58 pm

    You may call me Mistress Armstrong.

  13. brigid says: February 11, 201112:59 pm

    Floor, I guess you could call it that, I prefer to call my work surface

  14. Brooke Mauzy says: February 11, 20111:01 pm

    “Really Darling…. How else do you get a floor to a hard shine?”

  15. Brooke Mauzy says: February 11, 20111:02 pm

    “I demand that my floor shine like my boots!”

  16. John says: February 11, 20112:50 pm

    Enough! My god, its like open microphone night at the comedy club!

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