Freeze as You Please (Apr, 1948)

Freeze as You Please

BY FITTING both a home freezer and a refrigerator into one cabinet, and then making one compressor operate two cooling systems, General Electric engineers have put something new on the icebox market.

The combination, labeled Model NH-8, is only 30 inches wide and 63 inches high, but its top section is a 1.5-cubic-foot freezer section, and its refrigerator compartment has a volume of 6.7 cubic feet. Each section has its “own door and temperature control, and each works independently. Frequent opening of the refrigerator puts no load on the freezer, which ordinarily is opened only a few times a day for access to frozen foods or ice cubes.

The sealed secondary cooling system chills the walls of the refrigerator compartment, keeping it at about 38° F. With no exposed freezing unit, defrosting is unnecessary. Moisture condenses on the walls, runs down through a trap into a concealed pan, and evaporates. (The freezer, operating between 0° and 10° F., does require defrosting, but only twice a year.) This system also keeps humidity high in the refrigerator; moist foods need not be covered to keep them from drying out.

Built into the left wall of the NH-8 is its final convenience: a special compartment, warmed by a small heater, that keeps butter just right for spreading.

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