“Fresh Air” Cab Becomes Reality For New Yorkers (Oct, 1936)

“Fresh Air” Cab Becomes Reality For New Yorkers

THE popular “fresh air” taxi of radio fame has become a reality in New York City where a special type cab in which the roof can be opened or closed has appeared. Passengers of 2,000 new cabs are assured of a maximum amount of air and sunshine.

The section of the roof that covers the passenger compartment is fitted with grooved slides. A handle fastened to the moveable roof can be operated as easily as the dial of the radio with which the cab is equipped.

Passengers welcome the new innovation because of the extra sunshine and air it makes possible and because it enables them to view New York City’s famous skyscrapers.

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  1. fluffy says: September 16, 20071:21 pm

    There was a time when the air outside was fresher than the air inside a nice air-conditioned taxi cab? Huh!

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