Fun With Matches (Apr, 1936)

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Fun With Matches

ON dreary evenings, much amusement may be had by manipulating match sticks, splitting them with a piece of razor blade or a sharp knife, or combining several sticks and gluing them together. The addition of little pieces of paper, colored and pasted to the match sticks, will aid in carrying out the desired effect. For holding the matches in an upright position, a small quantity of modelling clay or, in its absence, putty or even chewing gum will answer the purpose. If the reader would like to use a rapid-drying cement, he can make this by dissolving ordinary celluloid (such as old photograph negatives from which the emul- sion has been removed) in amyl acetate. The illustrations here will give an idea of what can be accomplished. The heads of the matches may be brightly colored and, to produce the bends at the knees, the match is carefully broken between the fingers; but the pieces are not separated. Two matches may be joined end to end (as in Fig. 1) by moistening them, then lighting and blowing them out immediately.

  1. r peltier says: August 26, 20105:36 am

    This sure looks like fun, I can’t wait to get some matches.

  2. rick s. says: August 26, 20109:04 am

    Not only that, but you can set some really neat fires with them, too!


  3. r peltier says: August 26, 20109:33 am

    Really? That’d be like a two’fer of fun, I don’t know if I can stand it!

  4. Kosher Ham says: August 26, 201011:40 am

    I think that toothpicks would be safer and more sane. I can just imagine some nut forming the matches into a cross and lighting it!

  5. Tim says: August 26, 201012:47 pm

    If only this article had been published in “Highlights for Children.”

  6. Repack Rider says: August 26, 20105:55 pm

    You can put all the unused match heads into a CO2 cylinder for even more fun.

  7. Bob says: August 26, 20106:03 pm

    Matches would be an interesting subject for the “Goofus and Gallant” section of “Highlights for Children”:

    “Gallant spends a lazy afternoon making matchstick acrobats for his play circus.”

    “Goofus tries to burn bugs with matches, but instead starts a brush fire.”

    An archive of Goofus and Gallant cartoons:

  8. George says: September 2, 20103:53 pm

    So, next time I run out of glue, I can just remove the emulsion from some photographic negatives and dissolve them in ordinary amyl acetate?

    That reminds me of old issues of Popular Electronics “Hints and Kinks.” There were a half dozen in each issue, mostly contributed by Art Trauffer.

    Most were simple, but some left me wondering if it would be better to wait for the radio shop to open in the morning.

    Make an emergency 6146 transmitting tube from an old baby bottle, a light bulb, and a window screen… borrow your wife’s kitchen canning mercury pump to evacuate the tube…

    Convert an ARC-5 Transmitter to an FM radio. First, remove all components except for the power switch and pilot light…

    Make an emergency TV antenna out of 6 old car mufflers and junior’s BB gun…

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