GETTING BALD? (Jan, 1960)

The 60’s were a tough time for Professor Xavier. He had to take whatever work he could get.



ONLY $5.00

protects your hair & scalp

STOP LOSING YOUR HAIR – DAND-R-X your hair & scalp Nationally Advertised Since 1945 DOCTOR’S AMAZING DISCOVERY FOR HAIR AND SCALP. (Aid to improve condition of scalp and hair growth). Why spend hundreds of dollars and time visiting fancy offices for treatment? This doctor’s amazing discovery may be used in the PRIVACY OF YOUR HOME — IN A FEW MINUTES — ONLY ONCE A WEEK — made from a SPECIALISTS PRESCRIPTION. Results may vary from individual to individual (as with any remedy) because of systemic differences, general health and localized scalp conditions. It has been HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL in stopping further loss of hair, due to the most common cause sebhorreic dermatitis and associated dandruff. Renews hair growth, dandruff scale relief and improved condition of the scalp. Baldness won’t wait! Order Now! GUARANTEED REFUND if you are nor delighted with results. Enclose $5.00 with your order and save C.O.D. fee and postage or pay C.O.D. fee and postage plus $5.06 to postman on delivery to you.

HEALTH AIDS CO. Dept. IS-1 Box I Rugby Sta. Brooklyn 3, N. Y.

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  1. MrG says: January 16, 200911:03 pm

    I like to stand up for my bald friends: “He’s not bald, that’s a solar panel for a sex machine!”

    Cheers — MrG / http://gvgpd.proboards….

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