Giant Eyeball (Jan, 1949)

Giant Eyeball demonstrates the actions of the muscles which control your eyes. This plastic device is used in medical classes by the Air Force.

  1. Mike says: February 4, 20099:26 am

    It was also used to freak people out.

  2. Randy says: February 4, 20094:09 pm

    And then it appeared in the “Robot Spy” episode of Jonny Quest.

  3. RosenRed says: February 6, 200910:18 am

    Not sure which one is scarier… The giant eye-ball or the lady holding it…

  4. David Moisan says: February 7, 200911:46 pm

    Oh, look, Mike Wasowski’s getting retina surgery! You could patch *his* retina with a trowel!

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