Gillette Mach 1 (Jun, 1930)

The New Gillette Shave
Square blade-ends
Easier and safer to handle

MOST MEN like fishing—but not fishing down the drainpipe for a slippery razor blade. That’s one of many reasons why a vast army of men are praising the New Gillette Blade. Its square ends can’t slip out of soapy fingers; and how easily the new blade reaches into the tight little corners around the mouth, nose and ears!

There are so many other big improvements that you won’t appreciate them all until you try this New Gillette Shave yourself. Here are just a few: no more wiping or drying of parts. New blade resists rust.

“Razor pull” is banished forever by new reinforced corners of razor cap and cut-out corners of blade-Sounds almost impossible to give you all this remarkable new shaving comfort for only one dollar, doesn’t it? Yet your dealer has your New-Gillette Razor set waiting for you— your choice, in fact, of five styles of handsome cases. Additional new blades are priced at one dollar for ten and fifty cents for five.

Enjoy this new shaving thrill tomorrow morning by seeing your dealer on your way home tonight.


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