Give a Storybook Mother Goose Party (Oct, 1955)

Give a Storybook Mother Goose Party

Four gala parties, planned down to the last festive detail and guaranteed to show the children the time of their young lives.

THE INSTITUTE • Willie Mae Rogers, director

FOODS AND COOKERY • Dorothy B. Marsh, director

Carol Brock, hostess editor Erva Jean Vosburgh, Ellen H. Connelly, associate editors Mary Eckley, Virginia V. Voboril, assistant editors

Balloons to Invite Them

Such fun for tiny misses aged four years and up! For each invitation, blow up 3 pastel-colored balloons. With India ink and paintbrush, print the party details on the balloons as shown on page 80. Let the balloons dry

thoroughly; then deflate them. Tuck them in an envelope, and mail to the guest. What little girl could resist?

Mother Goose Land

rainbow chains: They’re so pretty draped in the windows and doorway of the party room, with clusters of balloons added to complete the fairyland setting! And they’re so easy to make, the young hostess may wish to do them

all herself before the party.

Cut pastel construction paper into 6″ x strips. Staple the ends of the first strip together to form a circle. Put the second strip through the first circle; staple; continue until you have a chain of 3′ or more.

Little Miss Muffet’s Table

It’s pink! Use a round 45″ table or a card table with folding tabletop over

it to increase its size. Cover the table with a round pink cloth. At each place, arrange pastel-colored paper plate, cup. and napkin—all green, all pink, all blue, all yellow, or other color—with white plastic fork and spoon.

balloon place cards: Attach a balloon with ribbon to each child’s chair back. (If balloons are filled with helium gas, they will float.) Then, with

India ink and paintbrush, write on the balloon the name of the little girl who is to sit there.

rainbow surprise balls’ On each plate at the table, place a Rainbow Surprise Ball to be opened after refreshments.

You’ll need: 15 or more tiny items dear to each little girl’s heart, such as an odd-shaped balloon, powder puff, piece of doll furniture, water

flowers, piece of wrapped candy, bottle of perfume, ball and jacks, magnet, tiny animal figure, etc. Also folds of crepe paper, in several colors that match your party color scheme; cut these, without unfolding, into 1″ wide strips.

To make each: Starting with a small wad of crepe-paper strips, wrap up the first favor, stretching the strips and turning the ball round and round as you wrap.

When the first favor is completely covered, add another favor and continue wrapping, using strips of different colors as you work. When completed, each surprise hall will be the size

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