Give Me One Evening And I’ll Give You A Push-Button Memory (Dec, 1961)

His course is still around.  His books on magic and memory (first one in 1996 and latest published in 2007) are still in print.

Give Me One Evening And I’ll Give You A Push-Button Memory

Yes! Here at last is your chance to gain the super-powered, file-cabinet memory you’ve always dreamed about…so easily and so quickly that you’ll he astounded …AND ACTUALLY DO IT WITHOUT RISKING A PENNY!

Let me explain! I don’t care how poor you may think, your memory Is now! I believe that you have a memory 10 TO 20 TIMES MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU REALIZE TODAY! I believe that your memory is working at a tiny fraction of its true power today—because you simply don’t know the right way to feed it facts! Because you don’t know the right way to take names and faces and anything else you want to remember —and burn them Into your memory so vividly that you can never forget them!

Yes! Remembering is a trick! Powerful memories can be made to order—you don’t have to be born with them! The secret of a super-powered, hair-trigger memory is as simple as tying your shoelace! I can teach it to you in a single evening! A nd I’m willing to prove it to you without your risking a penny’ Here’s how!

Would You Invest Three Hours of Your Time to Transform Your Memory?

All I ask from you is this. Let me send you—at my risk—one of the most fascinating books you have ever read. When this book arrives, set aside only one evening. Give this book your uninterrupted attention. And then get ready for one of the most thrilling accomplishments of your entire life!

Take this book and turn to page 39. Read eight short pages —no more! And then, put down the book. Review in your own mind the one simple secret I’ve shown you. And then—get ready to test your new, AUTOMATIC memory!

What you are going to do, in that very first evening, is this! without referring to the book, you are going to sit down, and you are going to write—not five, not ten, but TWENTY important facts that you have never been able to memorize before! If you are a business man, they may be customers’ orders that you have received … if you are a salesman, they may be twenty different products in your line … if you are a student, they may be the twenty parts of your homework.

In any case you are simply going to glance over that list again for a few moments. You are going to perform a simple mental trick on each one of these facts—that will burn that fact into your mind, permanently and automatically! And then you are going to put that list away. You’re going to bed without thinking of It again.

And the next morning, you are going to amaze your family and friends! When you go down to business, you’ll attend to every one of those orders—automatically—without referring to your memo pad—without being a slave to reminders, or notes, or other “paper crutches!”

You’ll keep every single appointment on time—because one appointment will automatically flash into your mind after another—at the precise moment you need them—exactly as though you pushed a mental button!

Suddenly, Whole New Worlds of Self-Confidence Open Up for You!

But this is just the beginning of the “miracles” you can perform with your memory! This secret is Just one of the over 50 MEMORY INTENSIFIERS contained in this book! You have seen men and women use these exact same methods on television to astound you! But you never knew how incredibly simple they were—once you learned the inside secret!

For instance—REMEMBERING NAMES AND FACES! How many times have you been embarrassed, because you couldn’t remember the name of the person you were talking to … or introduce him to a friend! In as little as one short week after you receive this book, how would you like to walk into a room full of TWENTY new people.. . meet each one of them only once . . . and then remember the names — automatically —for as long as you live!

Yes! these names and faces are filed in the storehouse of your memory—permanently!

Think of the advantage in business—when you can call every customer by his name. Think of becoming a celebrity at your club—as the member who “knows everyone” . . . who can be depended upon to avoid mistakes, to win new friends for the organization, to get things done!

This book teaches you how to memorize a speech, or a sales presentation—in minutes! It teaches you how to remember every card played when you relax at night! It can improve your gin, or poker, or bridge game by 100% in a single week!

This book shows you how to improve the depth and force and power of your mind! It shows you how to double your vocabulary . . . learn dozens of ways to burn new words into your memory . . . learn their meanings without looking them up . . . repeat entire phrases, sentences, paragraphs from the great writers! You’ll be able to learn a foreign language in Just a few short weeks—at least three to four times as quickly and easily as you could without this system!

You’ll remember dates, addresses, appointments — automatically! You’ll carry dozens of telephone numbers in the file-cabinet of your mind!

MEET HARRY LORAYNE “The human being with the most phenomenal memory in the world!” Hurry Lorayne has lectured in front of thousands of Americans! Rotarians, Elks, Masons. Chamber of Commerce groups have all called on this amazing man to prove the business and social power of a strong reliable memory! Lorayne’s memory is so strong that he can remember the names, faces, addresses and occupations of over 700 different people in a single evening—after meeting each one of them only once I And yet, a few short years ago, this man’s memory was no better than yours I This man trained his own memory—he built the most fabulous memory in the world from scratch! And now he gives you the very same secrets he discovered and perfected himself! Memory Builders that work overnight! Secrets that can change your entire life in a single week—OR EVERY CENT OF YOUR MONEY BACK!

Try It Entirely at My Risk

The name of this book is HOW TO DEVELOP A SUPERPOWER MEMORY!

This book is a word-for-word copy of my regular mail-order course, which I sell for $25. However, the book costs you only $3.98! And I want you to try this book—in your own home—entirely at my risk! Here’s how!

First, try for yourself the experiment I have described in this article! See for yourself the almost-unbelievable results in the very first evening alone! And then, continue to use the book for an additional week! In this very first week alone, i! this amazing book doesn’t do everything I say . if it doesn’t give you a file-cabinet memory—no matter what your age—no matter how poor you may think your memory is today—then simply return the book for every cent of your money back!

You have nothing to Use! Act TODAY!


MEMORY RESEARCH BUREAU, Dept. SM-12 386 Fourth Avenue, New York 16, N. Y.

Gentlemen: Yes, I want to try a copy of Harry Lorayne’s amazing new book HOW TO DEVELOP A SUPER-POWER MEMORY—entirely at your risk. I will pay postman only $3.98 plus low C.O.D. charges. I will use this book for a full ten days at your risk. If I am not completely delighted … if this book does not do everything you say, I will simply return it for every cent of my money back.

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