Glass FURNITURE One of New Household Appliances (Dec, 1933)

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Glass FURNITURE One of New Household Appliances

Electricity is harnessed to operate this can opener. Place the can on the revolving platform and the lid comes off neatly in two seconds.

New mechanical tea brewing pot now on the market manufactures the beverage uniformly brewed and free from impurities. An automatic “time flip” is a feature. This has a timing vent which allows hot water to escape into the pot in three, four or five minutes, as desired. When time cup is empty an air float lifts the tea cylinder up out of the water, completing the steeping.

Waste motion by the housewife is reduced to an absolute minimum with compact, space-saving kitchen cabinet that includes nearly all kitchen and basement appliances: an automatic heat control gas range; an extra long sink; a gas refrigerator; a water heater capable of furnishing hot water for a seven-room home; numerous storage cupboards; vents in the top of the cabinet heat the kitchen in winter and cool it in summer. AU units are interchangeable to fit space.

Boon to manicurists is this motorized buffer and nail cleaner having accessories for all manicuring tasks.

There’s plenty of entertainment in this cabinet, for it houses both a radio and compartments for cocktail shakers and glasses as well as other party appurtenances. Displayed at a recent British industries exhibit, the bar-radio cabinet won wide popularity among apartment dwellers.

All conveniences for quiet home drinking are found in this portable miniature bar.

What more appropriate than that glass walled houses now winning wide popularity should be furnished with glass furniture? Above is seen a dressing table recently displayed at a British furniture Exhibit which represents the last word in modernism. Chromium plated steel is the framework of the new furniture, providing an exceptionally sturdy article. At right—Ideal for hostess is this hospitality tray consisting of a toaster, breadboard and trimming knife, and six dishes for sandwich delicacies. M-M editors will give you names and addresses of manufacturers.

  1. Al says: November 11, 20088:13 am

    Doesn’t Ikea sell kitchen cabinetry much like that “all in one” kitchen? I know on-demand water heaters and the like are also easily available – not a bad prediction at all.

  2. slim says: November 11, 20083:01 pm

    A can opener that opens a #10 can in 2 seconds? Holy Moly, Tim Allen would love that thing.

  3. Al Bear says: November 11, 20085:02 pm

    Bill Clinton should have been using that desk to keep in check 😉

  4. Eliyahu says: November 11, 20087:57 pm

    The kitchen design was really quite a revolutionary idea at that time. The average kitchen in the early 1920s might or might not have running water, depending on where they lived. An icebox was still the most common form of refrigeration, and a wood or coal stove wasn’t unusual even at that time. Cabinets were still something new in a kitchen. It was commonplace to have some open shelves, and if the area under the sink was closed, it was just as likely to be a curtain as a door.

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