Glenn Curtiss Designs Fast Aero Car for Air-Rail Services (Dec, 1929)

Glenn Curtiss Designs Fast Aero Car for Air-Rail Services

GLENN CURTISS, pioneer pilot and seaplane builder, is the designer of the new aero car which he introduced in Florida. A fleet of these aero cars has been placed in service by the Transcontinental Air Transport at their various fields and terminals for the air-rail service between New York and Los Angeles. The cars are especially adapted to the coupe by a swivel arrangement over the rear axle of the coupe giving the passengers a three-point suspension body to ride in. There are no front wheels on the trailer which is luxuriously fitted. The transfer unit is adapted for speedy transfer of passengers from landing fields to railway depots and vice versa. These aero cars form an integral part of the T.A.T, fast air-rail service from coast to coast taking the passengers by rail at night and by airplane in the daytime.

  1. Toronto says: November 5, 20104:13 pm

    Wow! I knew Curtiss had built and raced motorbikes and airplanes. I think he built the engines Alexander Graham Bell used in his hydrofoils and “The Silver Dart”. But I had no idea he invented the “5th wheel” trailer too!

  2. Jari says: November 7, 201010:28 am

    Toronto: Nope, he didn’t. Scammell had a an articulated truck in production at 1920. http://www.classicmotor…

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