Growing Blanket of Carbon Dioxide Raises Earth’s Temperature (Aug, 1953)

Normally I don’t post articles without pictures, but this one just floored me. This little blurb from 53 years ago perfectly sums up the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Growing Blanket of Carbon Dioxide Raises Earth’s Temperature
Earth’s ground temperature is rising 1-1/2 degrees a century as a result of carbon dioxide discharged from the burning of about 2,000,000,000 tons of coal and oil yearly. According to Dr. Gilbert N. Plass of the Johns Hopkins University, this discharge augments a blanket of gas around the world which is raising the temperature in the same manner glass heats a greenhouse. By 2080, he predicts the air’s carbon-dioxide content will double, resulting in an average temperature rise of at least four percent. If most of man’s industrial growth were over a period of several thousand years, instead of being crowded within the last century, oceans would have absorbed most of the excess carbon dioxide. But because of the slow circulation of the seas, they have had little effect in reducing the amount of the gas as man’s smoke-making abilities have multiplied over the past hundred years.

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  2. […] Further digging reveals a story from the ’50s that does a marvelous job of explaining the problem, a “growing blanket of carbon dioxide” and even goes as far to present some fairly accurate predictions based on research by a professor at Johns Hopkins. […]

  3. Daily Clerks says: January 4, 200710:23 pm

    […] A magazine from 1932 with some details about warning is a little shocking. But look at this one from a 1953 magazine; “EarthÂ’s ground temperature is rising 1-1/2 degrees a century as a result.” Those numbers are not bad for a half a century ago!  » original news […]

  4. Chris Hosking says: December 9, 20075:44 pm

    It has been some 250 years since the onset of the Industrial Revolution. Two and a half centuries of engineering and mechanical evolution to perfect the combustion of carbon based material for the generation of profit and the creation of a certain way of life – consumption.
    It will not stop until all the coal and all the oil and all the gas are gone.

  5. MrG says: September 8, 20084:43 pm

    Nice site … comment, the Nobelist chemist Svante Arrhrenius discussed the role of CO2 in
    global warming in a paper published in 1896, linking CO2 concentrations to the ice ages.
    Later on he published a book that said that industrial CO2 emissions would heat the Earth,
    but that was OK, since at the time the fear was that the Earth was headed for another
    ice age. The cooling Earth theme remained in force into the 1970s and is occasionally used
    by the global warming critics to suggest how bogus climate modeling is.

  6. DS says: October 20, 20087:33 pm

    Oh my god. Tell Al Gore. Tell the tree huggers. Tell Greenpeace. Good grief. This crap about “global warming” is getting old—at least 55 years old, it seems. The popular press just keeps spinning yarns and the dopey public sucks it up. God save us from the environmental whack jobs—nothing but a power grab by a bunch of fuzzy-headed one-worldist Marxists.

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  11. Skeptic says: February 3, 201012:24 am

    Global warming theory and computer modelling is based on the ever-thickening “blanket” of CO2 dispersed in the upper atmosphere like greenhouse glass surrounding the earth. However, a NASA satellite designed to examine CO2 buildup produced an unexpected result in December 2009– the CO2 circulates in clumps in the atmosphere, mainly over the Northern Hemisphere mid-latitudes. So think pillows of CO2, not a blanket. So the insulating or greenhouse effect of the CO2 is much more limited and variable than previously understood and will likely force a reexamination of computer models of climate change.

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