Halitosis Clinic Studies Causes of Bad Breath (Dec, 1938)

All that research just to discover morning breath?

Halitosis Clinic Studies Causes of Bad Breath

To discover the cause and cure of offensive breath in human beings, a novel halitosis clinic has just been set up at the Northwestern University Dental School in Chicago, Ill. Patients exhale through their mouths into a tube kept cold enough to solidify organic substances in the breath as they pass through. The frozen mass is then liquefied and tested by means of an osmoscope, an instrument shaped like a piccolo, which measures the concentrations of odors. Tests made so far indicate that offensive breath is most noticeable in the morning and that it tends to increase in concentration with advancing age.

  1. Don says: May 14, 20085:13 am

    “super-calloused fragile mystic vexed by halitosis”

  2. StanFlouride says: May 14, 200811:25 am

    Hey, we had to do something with that grant money.

  3. BadBreathBlech says: May 23, 200810:20 am

    It was the only way nerdy science students could meet women.

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