Hands Free With Signal Lantern (Jul, 1931)

Hands Free With Signal Lantern

J. L. LORBESKI of Minneapolis has recently invented a railway signal lantern which leaves the brake-man’s hands free while switching for unloading freight, coupling air hose, climbing on cars, and other duties. The wire lamp guard is twisted into a loop through which the user may slip his wrist, holding the lantern firmly in any position of the arm.

  1. Toronto says: March 4, 20118:47 am

    Things like this *really* makes one appreciate LEDs.

  2. jayessell says: March 4, 201110:41 am

    A large metal object on your arm in a railyard.
    What could go wrong?

  3. Jari says: March 4, 201111:03 am

    Think positively, you’ll get your bicep exercised at the same time.

  4. Peter says: March 4, 20112:18 pm

    Before anyone goes off calling this a bad idea – I’ve seen examples of this in person. So this idea actually was adopted believe it or not.

  5. Jedia Kyrol says: March 4, 20112:24 pm

    you can’t do this anymore with the new ones…the loop is now plastic and too small for you to run your wrist through.

  6. Zak says: March 4, 20115:50 pm

    Jedia – are you sure about that? I’ve got the second newest version of this product in my locker right now, and I use it every night while switching on the train. I can easily fit my wrist and lower arm through the hoop.

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