Harpoon-Rifle Spears Fish (Feb, 1937)

Harpoon-Rifle Spears Fish

POWERED by stout rubber bands, a homemade harpoon-rifle invented by W. M. Edwards, of Miami, Florida, actually spears fish. A slender arrow is tied to the line of a fishing reel under the rifle barrel. Steel springs in the muzzle prevent the arrow from slipping into the water when the gun is aimed.

  1. ganmerlad says: March 21, 20099:29 am

    Then Ron Popeil stole Mr Edwards idea, made it fold up small enough to fit into a lady’s purse, harpooning took off like gangbusters (especially with the ladies) and Popeil founded a multi-million dollar empire.

  2. Harpoon | Game Glist says: July 20, 201111:16 am

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