Heat Waves Set Off New Thief Alarm (Apr, 1932)

Heat Waves Set Off New Thief Alarm
THE heat from a burglar’s body, even the gentle warmth of his breath, may now be detected by science’s latest contribution to crime prevention, the “heat radio.”

The heart of the “heat radio” is a very tiny and very delicate thermocouple, which is mounted at the focal point of a large metallic reflector. This reflector, shown in the accompanying illustration, collects the feeble heat waves and concentrates them on the super-sensitive thermocouple.

An amplifier connected to the thermocouple amplifies the current generated about one million times, making it strong enough to operate a recording instrument at police headquarters or an alarm bell.

  1. Rick says: September 15, 20086:04 am

    Looks like the police were pretty quick to respond in those days. And once again, I notice that the thief is wearing the typical snap brim cap. Makes them pretty easy to spot, I guess.

  2. John M. Hanna says: September 15, 20089:44 am

    Rick: he’s also wearing one of those masks that make him look like the Riddler. Dead giveaway.

  3. Myles says: September 15, 200811:13 am

    Is the thief wearing spats? Classy.

  4. Rick says: September 15, 200812:28 pm

    Yes, John, a mask is a must. But looking closely it’s also possible that it’s a shadow from the hat’s brim. And I also notice he’s wearing the obligatory turtleneck sweater. I think you’re correct, Myles. Those do look like spats. Haven’t seen those in a good while. Maybe they could be an item for a comeback in men’s fashions.

  5. Mike says: September 15, 20083:20 pm

    Oddly enough he also has a computer mouse just in front of his left knee.

  6. Charlene says: September 15, 20083:32 pm

    He also must have his own person police escort, because in 1932 there were fewer cops and more crime than there is now, and the police didn’t show up that quickly unless they were already on your tail.

  7. Anne says: September 15, 20084:45 pm

    Charlene, maybe he’s a very bad robber and has been there for awhile. He doesn’t seem to be trying very hard to crack the safe.

  8. Jaber says: September 15, 200810:14 pm

    Well, he sure didn’t have to work too hard to get in. Half the wall is missing exposing the amplifier and the “heat ray detector.”

  9. andry says: May 7, 20092:19 pm

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