Her Singing Coach Advised a Light Smoke (Nov, 1937)

Her Singing Coach Advised a Light Smoke

Carole Lombard prefers luckies because they’re easier on her throat

“WHEN I had to sing in a recent picture,” says Carole Lombard, “I considered giving up smoking. But my voice teacher said I needn’t if I’d select a light smoke—Luckies.

“I soon found that even when singing and acting 12 hours a day, I can smoke as many Luckies as I like without the slightest throat irritation.”

The reason Luckies are easy on Miss Lombard’s throat is because the Toasting” process takes out certain harsh irritants found in all tobacco.

And Luckies do use the finest tobacco. Sworn records show that among independent tobacco experts—auctioneers, buyers, warehousemen, etc.— Lucky Strike has twice as many exclusive smokers as have all other cigarettes combined.

In the honest judgment of those who spend their lives buying, selling and handling tobacco… with men who know tobacco best… it’s Luckies—2 to 1

A Light Smoke

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