Her Throat Insured For $50,000 (Mar, 1938)

Her Throat Insured For $50,000

DOLORES DEL RIO* tells why it’s good business for her to smoke Luckies…

“That $50,000 insurance is a studio precaution against my holding up a picture,” says Miss Del Rio. “So I take no chances on an irritated throat. No matter how much I use my voice in acting, I always find Luckies gentle.”

They will be gentle on your throat, too. Here’s why . . . Luckies’ exclusive “Toasting” process expels certain harsh irritants found in all tobacco. This makes Luckies’ fine tobaccos even finer… a light smoke.

Sworn records show that among independent tobacco experts—men who know tobacco and its qualities — Luckies have twice as many exclusive smokers as all other cigarettes combined.


  1. Charlene says: June 14, 201011:23 pm

    I love the “exclusive “Toasting” process”. All tobacco is toasted.

    Also, why have they given Dolores Del Rio a lazy eye?

  2. fluffy says: June 15, 20108:19 am

    So when she actually does develop throat cancer, will the insurance fail to pay out because of self-inflicted damage?

    (Obviously that was based on the perspective of if this were a modern-day advertisement. In reality she died in 1983 of liver disease.)

  3. George says: June 15, 20104:48 pm

    Someone once told me they discontinued the green package during World War II due to a copper shortage, copper being needed for the green dye.

    Truth or urban legend?

  4. Firebrand38 says: June 15, 20105:13 pm

    @George: urban legend http://www.old-time.com… and http://lucky-strike-cig…

    Just marketing hype. The green in fact came from chromium not copper. I’ll save you some time in the future. If your question starts out “Someone once told me..” it’s probably an urban legend.

    Also Charlene, apparently some tobaccos were sun dried rather than toasted. http://en.wikipedia.org…

  5. Yoda says: June 18, 20105:18 am

    The pilot episode of “Mad Men” covered this – it’s common in advertising to make a selling point from a standard industry practice. If nobody else has talked about it much, it’s yours.

    Granted, Luckies were the example they used, and they showed Don Draper coining “Lucky Strike-It’s Toasted” in 1960!

  6. Tom says: June 26, 20104:14 pm

    On the change in color of the package They did run a series of ads around the theme “Lucky Strike Goes to War” As George points out, it was BS.

    Patriotic cancer sticks. Cool.

  7. Firebrand38 says: June 26, 20104:23 pm

    Tom: Actually Tom, George was asking if it was real, I was the one who pointed out that it was nonsense.

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