Here’s Happiness (Oct, 1930)

Here’s Happiness

IT’S WINTER. The sun’s short day is quickly over. Cold, bleak, dreary darkness penetrates the countryside. But in more than 350,000 farm homes there’s happiness. Electricity by Delco-Light spreads its cheerful brightness. 350,000 farm families enjoy just reward of the day’s toil.

Will Your Home be One of Them?

Last winter was only yesterday, it seems. A year has slipped by— quickly, swiftly. Another year will go even faster. Shall it be another year without electricity? Or isn’t this the time to do the fine, splendid thing—to give to yourself and your family the greatest single blessing ever brought to the farm home?

These Blessings are too Great to Wait for.

Having electricity is simple and easy. It doesn’t require a large cash investment. General Motors’ plan of purchase enables you to pay for Delco-Light as you enjoy it.

You don’t have to buy a lot of extra equipment. With Delco-Light you have just the service you need and want. Bright electric lights are yours. If you want power to ease your daily tasks, Delco-Light Electric Power works wonders about your place. But whatever your own individual requirements may be, Delco-Light meets them quickly, economically and practically.

Why not talk this over with one of our 2000 farm electric specialists? He’d like to give you the facts— sincerely, carefully. He’ll show you just what Delco-Light will do for you; how little it costs; how quickly you can have it.

Really, isn’t that the practical thing to do? Get the facts. They cost you nothing. You are not obligated. Our advice and help are given gladly and freely. And we have some important literature we know you’ll enjoy reading. May we send it to you right now? Just fill out and mail the coupon. Do it today.

Now 350,000 satisfied users


  1. Jari says: August 15, 201110:01 am

    Father seems to be emitting ectoplasm.

  2. Christoph says: August 15, 201111:09 am

    The light shines only for Papa. The rest of the family is lucky to bask in his glorious radiance.

  3. Charlene says: August 15, 20112:14 pm

    I enjoy sewing, but I still cannot see how “happiness” can be defined as a twelve-year-old boy watching his mother sew.

  4. G. L. Tyrebyter says: August 15, 201110:26 pm

    They all congregate in the one room that has a working electric light fixture. The kid is watching his mother sew because there isn’t any place for him to charge his smart phone and the battery died. He needs to fixate on something and his sister is hogging the book. No one is talking. American life hasn’t changed much since the 30’s

  5. Frank says: August 20, 20119:29 pm

    I’ve lived in farm country my entire life and I’ve never seen one of these at any antique power shows or farm sales. But here’s a link to more information:


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