Hobbyist Fashions Cigar-Butt Army (Nov, 1939)

Hobbyist Fashions Cigar-Butt Army
Making comic toy soldiers from cigarettes, cigar butts, and other smokers’ materials is the odd spare-time occupation of the hobbyist pictured at work in the photograph below. Products of his unusual craft include buck privates made from painted cigarettes, with paper-match arms and burnt-match facial features, a cannon made from a cigarette holder, a commanding officer in the shape of a cigar butt with paper-match medals and decorations, and a handsome steed fashioned from a pipe and outfitted with four cigar-butt legs.

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  1. Stannous says: July 21, 200612:54 pm

    Should come with a label:
    “Warning: the Surgeon General has determined that this hobby will make you appear ridiculous before a national audience”

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