Hobbyist Wears Thirty Watches (Jun, 1940)

Hobbyist Wears Thirty Watches
Champion watch-watcher of the world is Charles Brown, an English hobbyist who starts out in the morning with as many as thirty timepieces ticking on his person. In addition to conventional pocket and wrist watches, he wears tiny timepieces in the form of cuff links, rings, and Lapel buttons. For years, Brown has collected watches.

  1. Hirudinea says: April 2, 20133:59 pm

    “Excuse me Sir, do you have the time?”
    “Do I have the time!?”

  2. Charlene says: April 2, 20138:25 pm

    A man with one watch knows what the time is. A man with two is never sure.

  3. Stephen says: April 3, 20133:17 am

    Having grown up reading Richard Scarry, I am unavoidably reminded of Bananas Gorilla.

  4. jayessell says: April 3, 20135:49 am

    Great Scott!!

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