Home Beer Dispenser Keeps Foam Collar Under Control (Jul, 1933)

Home Beer Dispenser Keeps Foam Collar Under Control
AT LAST science has done something really worth while. This something is the introduction of a “direct draft” beer pump which, the inventors claim, eliminates “wild beer,” controls the foamy collar, and delivers the so-called non-intoxicating fluid at the proper temperature.
Shown at the left, the pump attaches directly to the barrel, and is thus especially suitable for the home, or for picnics and parties, where it gives a professional air to the dispensing. The liquid feeds into a reservoir tank, and is drawn off into the drinking glass by the turn of a handle.

  1. jayessell says: January 8, 20074:38 pm

    As much as I applaud the invention of the “Kegger”, what’s up with the VanDeGraffZeppelen?

    Is the electrical field for propulsion?
    Weather modification?

    Helium filled I hope!

  2. Charlie says: January 8, 20074:45 pm

    It’s actually this article:

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