Hospital Boasts Safety Chute (May, 1938)

Hospital Boasts Safety Chute

The Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, Ga. is equipped with a spiral chute by means of which bed-ridden patients can reach the ground quickly in the event of fire. On each floor of the hospital there is an entrance to the chute and in an emergency the patients are slid down it on a mattress.

  1. Stannous says: November 22, 20061:00 pm

    wheeeeee!…cough, cough… wheeee!… cough, cough, whee!… cough, w!..thud

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  3. president raygun says: December 13, 20072:01 pm

    The college I attended had these on several buildings. The temptation was so great to try them out. Imagine 5 story slides on every building.

  4. Tim Tracy says: July 18, 20082:26 am

    I can’t imagine why this never caught on…

  5. Terry Miller says: February 8, 20108:29 pm

    My elementary school had one of these and it was a often used source of fun for many summers.

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