HOW DOES IT WORK? – Oil Lamp Fan (Nov, 1956)

Stirling cycle fans have quite the following.

EARL CROSS doesn’t know what makes his antique rotary fan work—but why argue with a cooling breeze? In the base of tlie fan is an oil lamp which heats a cylinder containing two pistons. Light the lamp and the blades slowly pick up speed. The fans were part of a shipment made up for a long forgotten African hunting expedition.

  1. Mick Canick says: May 21, 20127:41 am

    How much heat is generated by the flame? Using heat, to cool!

  2. Cristian Raicu says: May 21, 20127:50 am

    A Stirling engine.

  3. EMF says: May 21, 201210:08 am

    You can still get them. Nice idea for the outdoors!

  4. D says: May 21, 201210:09 am

    That is definitely a stirling engine of some type.

  5. Toronto says: May 22, 20128:04 pm

    Here’s a fun modern one (coffee cup powered, not kero.)


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