How the New Cars Are Designed (Sep, 1940)

How the New Cars Are Designed

An artist sketches an exotic, streamline-design on a giant blackboard. Sculptors model it full size in clay. Artisans carve it out of solid chunks of wood. Metalworkers fashion it in sheets of steel. Finally, a car of new and daring design is created, only to be driven virtually to destruction in brutal tests that will decide whether it shall be scrapped, or become the newest product of a mass-production line. In the accompanying photographs, taken in the “art department” of the Chrysler Corporation, in Detroit, Mich., you see a few tentative models of the company’s future cars. There, as in similar departments of other manufacturers, the endless process of improving the appearance and performance of cars goes on behind locked doors, to make your car of two or five years hence a reality.

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