How to make a scene (Mar, 1967)

Notice the teeny tiny text on the bottom of the page: “The Videocorder is not to be used to record copyrighted materials.”.
Even in 1967 Sony was worried about getting sued for people pointing their video camera at the TV.

How to make a scene
(that everybody will love you for)

It’s as simple as A, B, C to enjoy this year’s most enjoyable product, the home video tape recorder. You can produce instant movies in sound of memorable family events. Tape TV programs off the air. The compact, low cost Sony Videocorder® has hundreds of uses in business and education.

You can enjoy an hours video tape for less than the cost of an hour of processed black & white film. There’s no processing cost and you can erase and use the tape over and over again. It’s instant movies in sound. This instant visit your Sony Videocorder dealer or write for details. The Videocorder is the only quality, low-priced video tape recorder available for immediate delivery. Sony Corporation of America. 47-47 Van Dam Street. L.I.C., N.Y. 11101

Products pictured above include: A. VCK-2000 Camera ensemble (solid-state camera, microphone, tripod) $350. B. CV-2000D Videocorder deck, compact video tape recorder in handsome walnut-finish cabinet, $695. C. Model CVM-2300U 22″ (measured diagonally) monitor/receiver, $295. The Videocorder is not to be used to record copyrighted materials. Prices suggested list.


  1. Thundercat says: January 20, 200912:43 am

    a 22″ TV was considered “large screen” in ’67?

  2. Scott B. says: January 20, 20095:19 pm

    Yeah. 22″ was pretty big. Most standard TVs were 19″. At least the standard ones in my house. 🙂

  3. George says: January 20, 200911:03 pm

    A. With this Sony Camera you can FILM almost any scene.

    I guess for a time of early transition, using the verb film is excusable. But, 32 years later, I still hear it.

  4. John M. Hanna says: January 20, 200911:14 pm

    Bob Crane saw this ad and had an idea…
    an AWFUL idea…
    Bob Crane had a wonderfully AWFUL idea!

  5. carlm says: January 21, 20098:51 am

    Video tape for the home or consumer was almost unheard of in 67. The word filming was a very generic term. BTW – I hear many people today saying they are taping a show on their DVR (TiVo etc.) There isn’t any tape in them. The right term is recording a show or saving a show. It takes a while for the nomenclature to change. When video games came out in the early 80s, people called the cartridges tapes even though they didn’t have tape in them, they had ROMs. One last thing, to record a TV show, even back then, you could record off the video out feed from the TV/monitor. You didn’t have to point a camera at the screen.

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