SKINNY? PUT ON 5 TO 15 LBS. QUICK… this new easy way

Astonishing gains with new double tonic. Richest imported ale yeast now concentrated 7 times and combined with iron. Gives 5 to 15 lbs. in a few weeks.

NOW there’s no need to have people calling you “skinny”, and losing all your chances of making, and keeping friends. Here’s a new, easy treatment that is giving thousands solid, healthy flesh and husky strength—in just a few weeks.

As you know, doctors for years have prescribed yeast to build up health. But now with this new yeast discovery in pleasant tablets you can get far greater tonic results—regain health, and also put on pounds of solid flesh—and in a far shorter time.

Not only are thousands quickly gaining husky, good-looking pounds, but also clear skin, freedom from indigestion and constipation, new energy and pep.

Concentrated 7 times

This amazing new product, Iron-ized Yeast, is made from specially cultured brewers’ ale yeast, imported from Europe—the richest and most potent yeast known — which by a new process is concentrated 7 times — made 7 times more powerful.

But that is not all! This marvelous, health-building yeast is then ironized with 3 special kinds of iron which strengthen the blood, add pep.

Day after day, as you take Ironized Yeast tablets, watch ugly, gawky angles fill out, flat chest develop and skinny limbs round out attractively. And with this will come a radiantly clear skin, husky new health—you’re an entirely new person.

Results guaranteed

No matter how skinny and weak you may be, this marvelous new Ironized Yeast should build you up in a few short weeks as it has thousands. If not delighted with the results of the very first package,; your money instantly refunded.

Only be sure you get genuine Ironized Yeast, not some imitation that cannot give the same results. Insist on the genuine with “IY” stamped on the box and on each tablet.

Special FREE offer!

To start you building up your health right away, we make this absolutely FREE offer. Purchase a package of Ironized Yeast at once, cut out the seal on the box and mail it to us with a clipping of this paragraph. We will send you a fascinating new book on health, “New Facts About Your Body”, by an authority. Remember, results guaranteed with the very first package — or money refunded. At all druggists. Ironized Yeast Co., Inc., Dept. 567, Atlanta, Ga.

  1. Blurgle says: November 3, 20071:14 pm

    Yes, but could he love a woman with a broken back?

  2. Stannous says: November 3, 20078:04 pm

    Their is a certain Dominatrix/sub quality to this picture that I am sure sent many perverted young, um, er… hearts… a’flutterin’.

  3. Fergus says: February 3, 20087:46 pm

    I have so many more friends now that I’m fat and full of “husky strength”!

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