I Made This Promise (Jul, 1929)

I tried to OCR this, but my computer just started laughing at me.

  1. Don says: February 24, 20118:33 am

    My brain tried to OCR this too, but just laughed at me . . . .

  2. Joey says: February 24, 20119:33 pm

    Seriously though, what happened to this guy? Did anybody take the bait?

  3. Mike says: February 25, 20117:45 am

    Sounds like it might be a pyramid or multi-level marketing scheme. “Health-O Quality Products Co.”, many of the multi-level marketing schemes today are based around health related products.

  4. woid says: February 25, 20119:30 am

    I love the idea that there’s a Health-O Building to house the mighty Health-O empire.

    Re OCR: I’ve been trying out Evernote, which claims to be able to OCR pretty much anything you save to it. Worked pretty well on this, even the scrawly parts.

  5. John Savard says: February 25, 201110:22 pm

    I don’t think they had multi-level marketing schemes back then. People would have recognized that as being like a chain letter.

    There were lots of ads by companies seeking people to sell all kinds of things for them, such as shoes. It was as legitimate as being a Fuller Brush man or an Avon lady, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who signed up became successful.

    If you read old Blondie cartoons, you’ll understand that door-to-door salesmen were the 1930s equivalent of spammers.

  6. Charlene says: February 26, 20116:57 pm

    John is right that there were no MLM schemes back then, but the reason wasn’t skepticism as much as the fact that the multi-level method hadn’t yet been conceived yet. The closest you got at this point were things like Fuller Brush, where independent salesmen dealt directly with the company.

    Health-O was a competitor of Watkins and sold patent medicines, imitation flavour extracts, spices, and the like. The address of the Health-O Building is given elsewhere as 117 Duane Street, Cincinnati, a street which, strangely, does not appear on modern maps.

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