Ice Cream Dispensed In Paper Tube (Jun, 1936)

Ice Cream Dispensed In Paper Tube
ICE cream becomes more tasty when eaten from one of the new spiral wrapped tubes recently introduced on the west coast. The tubes, which are filled at the factory, are provided with a tape permitting the tube to be torn as the ice cream is eaten. Inserted in a special waterproof compartment in bottom of tube is a small napkin permitting all traces of stickiness to be removed from the fingers.

  1. Neil Russell says: November 17, 20082:06 am

    Ha! I was just scrolling down the page and saw that picture and thought; “wow that girl looks like Joan Blondell” and then I read the thing and discovered why.

    And the thing about ice cream in a toilet paper tube is nice too.

  2. Githyanki says: November 17, 20088:47 am

    Push up pop’s.

  3. Torgo says: November 17, 200811:01 pm

    Who cares about the ice cream? It’s Joan Blondell!

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